What makes a perfect anniversary gift?


Finding a perfect anniversary gift can be hard. You can buy your spouse a pair of skis for Christmas, or a blender for their birthday. But your wedding anniversary is a a celebration of your relationship – a celebration of your love – so a gift that is romantic and thoughtful, rather than practical, is the way to go.

Thankfully, we have a tradition to guide us. Each wedding anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it, which you can use to help guide you through the countless gifts you could possibly buy.

Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Year Traditional Anniversary Gift
1st Paper Gifts 12th Silk/Linen
2nd Cotton 13th Lace
3rd Leather 14th Ivory
4th Flowers 15th Crystal
5th Wood 20th China
6th Iron 25th Silver
7th Copper 30th Pearl
8th Bronze 35th Coral
9th Pottery 40th Ruby
10th Aluminum 50th Gold
11th Steel 60th Diamond

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