Marriage Advice from the World’s Oldest Couple

oldest-couple-in-world1Two years today marks the anniversary of the death of Zelymra Fisher. Fisher was married to Herbert Fisher, and they held the Guiness World Record for being married the longest time. The Fishers were married for 86 years- talk about a Diamond and Sapphire anniversary- and both passed at the age of 105!

While they were with us, the Fishers enlightened us on the perils and pride of being married. Here are some of their tips!

What made you realize that you could spend the rest of your lives together? Were you scared at all?

“With each day that passed, our relationship was more solid and secure. Divorce was NEVER an option – or even a thought.”

How did you know your spouse was the right one for you?

“We grew up together & were best friends before we married. A friend is for life – our marriage has lasted a lifetime”

Is there anything you would do differently after more than 80 years of marriage?

“We wouldn’t change a thing. There’s no secret to our marriage, we just did what was needed for each other & our family”


What is your advice to someone who is trying to keep the faith that Mr. Right is really out there?

Zelymra: “Mine was just around the corner! He is never too far away, so keep the faith – when you meet him, you’ll know.”

What is your best Valentine’s Day memory?

Zelmyra: “I cook dinner EVERY day. Herbert left work early & surprised me – he cooked dinner for me! He is a VERY good cook!:

Herbert: “I said that I was going to cook dinner for her & she could relax – the look on her face & clean plate made my day!”


These two make us melt, they really made the perfect couple. These are just some of the tidbits they offered up; read the full article on Your Black World here.