Love Lessons from a Couple Married 70 Years


Here at Paper Anniversary, we focus on helping newlyweds build traditions that will last a lifetime. But when we hear a story about a married couple who has celebrated 20, 50, or 70 (!) anniversaries, we are truly inspired about the resilience of true love.

It can be rare that couples get to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary (70 years of marraige!) John Hurt, 93, and his wife Treva, 89, of Sacramento California, recently celebrated that milestone.

The way they met may possibly be the sweetest story of falling in love I’ve ever heard. As kids, they were neighbors, and he used to help Treva adjust the tie on her school band uniform. Over time, things started to change. “I started noticing how pretty she was getting!”

Before John left to fight in World War II, he sent Treva an engagement ring, and then commenced their long-lasting marriage.

The secret we’d all like to know, is their advice for sustaining such a long, happy marriage. Their daughter explains, “I guess it sounds silly, but they’re always holding hands.”

John’s advice: Respect and communication. “We love each other and respect each other. We try to talk out any problems. And she gets her way all the time.”

Treva’s advice: “We never go to bed without saying, ‘Good night, I love you.”

Although those may not sound like secrets, they sound like simple things we can all be reminded of, and try to incorporate into our relationships. With respect, love and communication, maybe we will be lucky to reach the platinum anniversary- or more.

To read the Hurts’ complete love story, head over to the Sacramento Bee.


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