First Anniversary Gift Idea: Balloon Photo Chandelier


If you spend one minute on Pinterest, you’ll find thousands of DYI (“Do it yourself”) ideas for your first anniversary gift. There are some extravagant, impressive paper anniversary ideas, like these paper gemsilluminating paper flowers. The anticipation and build-up for your first anniversary may be high, but that doesn’t mean you have to stress out and release your inner origami-artist.

paper-flower-1 paper-flower-light


Our favorite DIY paper gift idea is simple, and won’t require a ruler, x-acto knife or LED lights :)

Easy DIY Balloon Photo Chandelier


Why We Love It:

1. Paper Photos are the perfect way to honor the “Paper Anniversary”

2. Balloons are always surprising, fun & bring out our inner child!

3. You can write messages or memories on the back of the photos

4. You can put them wherever you want to surprise your spouse: Above your bed… Above the kitchen table… In the porch…


For more paper anniversary gift ideas, check out our handcrafted paper jewelry gifts below!

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