Custom Designed Paper Anniversary Gifts

Custom Paper Anniversary Gift for Her

When I started making paper jewelry at my tiny bedroom desk nearly 10 years ago, I had no idea it would turn into my first anniversary gift boutique, Paper Anniversary by Anna V.

My hobby (and obsession) took off when men from all around the world (UK, Australia, South Africa) starting writing to me, asking if I’d create a custom designed gift for their wife as a first anniversary gift. I will never forget how meaningful it felt, to play a part in helping a couple express their love. The emails and thank-you letters started pouring in, telling me how surprised their wives were to receive a traditional paper gift; how she was moved to tears; how she couldn’t stop talking about the gift, weeks later.

I knew I had to pursue this passion of mine! There was love to be shared, and paper jewelry to be made.

Every once in a while, a smile comes across my face as I read a custom request from a husband, approaching his first anniversary. Last month I heard from Christopher, and I was inspired to make a commissioned piece for him. He wrote,

Hi Anna! Your pieces are beautiful, but my wife doesn’t wear earrings or necklaces often. She loves her Pandora Charm Bracelet, though. Is there any way you could make a bead for her charm bracelet, to honor our first anniversary? Our wedding colors were red and black, so I’d love to include those two colors because they are symbolic for us.

I found 4 different red & black papers in my collection, asked Christopher which one he preferred. I sent him the photos, and he immediately knew which one his wife would love. He chose this beautiful handmade Katazome-Shi paper, a stencil-dyed paper that is made using kimoni-printing techniques. Its vibrant colors come from persimmon fruit & soybean dye!

Custom Paper Anniversary Gift for Wife

After hours of experimenting and developing a new technique to create a bead large enough to thread onto a Pandora Charm Bracelet, it was done!

I had some much fun creating this custom first anniversary gift, and when I heard back from Christopher after his anniversary, he gave the most touching review that he agreed for me to share with you here.

This bead was absolutely perfect! It is a complement of style and sophistication for today’s woman.  My wife loves looking at it and wearing it on her charm bracelet.  Anna, is professional, has great ideas, and will make you look great for your wife.  In a world where morals and ideals of the traditional gifts has gone along the wayside, Anna has truly transformed the capabilities of one of the simplest art medias, and transforms it into a unique and elegant masterpiece.  I am highly recommending her services to everyone out there.  To the guys out there reading this:  especially you guys who are looking for the classy, modern, traditional, and unique gift for your wife on your first wedding anniversary!  (or any other occasion as well)  trust me, this is one gift that will catch her off her feet just like that year ago. 

Anna’s twist on her jewelry making from necklaces and earrings to create an awesome bead for a bracelet allows for many options and I hope she continues to make them for new and existing customers alike.  Thanks you again Anna!

Custom designed first anniversary gift by Anna VDo you have any ideas for a custom paper anniversary gift? I’d love to hear it! Call me at 415-374-9596 or contact me here with your inspirations. Let’s make it happen!